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          Art Classes

Miss Hale's Art Club: Cartooning and Manga

We will have fun learning to draw your favorite kinds of Manga and cartoon characters. Create your own comic strip or action hero! Kids can learn how to draw their own manga-style characters including special techniques for shiny-eyes, noses, mouths, body types and animals. We can draw in the style of poplular comic characters and learn popular Japanese-style comic techniques or design an original comic strip with unique characters.

Miss Hale's Art Club


Each week, young artists will be encouraged to explore the joy of art and self-expression discovering their own personal artistic style in art and design! Taking inspiration from the Masters such as Monet, Matisse, Degas, Van Gough and Vermeer, instruction will focus on line, shape and color and composition in a variety of art projects– creating art in pastels, pen and ink, collage and watercolor to produce an individual portfolio of their own masterpieces! Kate Hale has worked with children at Edna Maguire and the Middle School for several years – she loves sharing her passion and training in art with children and encouraging young artists to develop their own artistic skills.

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